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The Full Story

How Insomnia Came To Be


We started Insomnias servers back in December of 2021. At the time ACNH was really popular so the server started as an animal crossing server. After a while, that dyed down, and we had a few hundred people! Then we changed into a gaming server!! It's name was Insomnias_Gaming. We gained a ton more people but not nearly as much as we have right now. Now that server is called Insomnias_Workshop because we work on it when our insomnia is acting up.

Now the server has over a thousand people, is active, and is a safe place to hang out in!

Black Diamond


We hope to one day be able to help lots of people via insomnias brand. 

We will have anything from gaming, to advertising, to even an events server! We hope to create a fun, safe place to just chill in. 

Black Diamond
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